Vents & Hatches


Vents & Hatches


All bulky items e.g. access doors, hatches, e.c.t. are pick up or can be quoted for freight. Being an online store we hold limited stock, so your location and our supplier will determine pick-up point or special freight costs. Send an email with your post code (via Contact Us) and we'll be happy to assist further with any aspect of your order.

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 Fiamma hatch 280mmX280mm white vent 28
22% OFF RRP $160.00
Camic 4 seasons evolution hatch skylight
22% OFF RRP $770.00
Camic 4 seasons evolution roof hatch
20% OFF RRP $578.00
Elixir 26x26 inch Escape Hatch Lid White
23% OFF RRP $209.00
Elixir Galvanised Hatch Lid 14x14"
22% OFF RRP $155.00
Elixir Mini Vent White 250x250mm
22% OFF RRP $91.95
Fiamma 12V Turbo Vent, Thermostat Controlled, 400mm
27% OFF RRP $652.00
23% OFF RRP $208.00
Fiamma Hatch - 400mm x 400mm White
18% OFF RRP $146.00
FIAMMA Turbo Vent 28 Crystal with fan
24% OFF RRP $320.00
Fiamma Vent 50cm x 50cm Combi With Roller Blind - Crystal
26% OFF RRP $449.00
Fiamma Vent 50cm x 50cm Combi With Roller Blind - White
14% OFF RRP $275.00
Jensen Roof Hatch 4in x 14in Metal Base
17% OFF RRP $94.95
Jensen Roof Vent with 12v Fan 14X14 Inch White Metal Base
22% OFF RRP $160.00
Mini Heki 2 skylight

Mini Heki 2 skylight


13% OFF RRP $830.00



20% OFF RRP $37.95
Blower Vent 90x90mm White 75mm Tail Plastic
1% OFF RRP $12.95
Elixir 12V Fan Motor

Elixir 12V Fan Motor


32% OFF RRP $73.95
Elixir 12V Roof Vent 14X14in Metal Base
17% OFF RRP $144.00
Elixir 14in Internal Trim Standard Suits 7/8" To 1 3/4" Roof
23% OFF RRP $34.95
Elixir Flyscreen To Suit 14in 12 Volt Hatches
24% OFF RRP $40.95
Elixir Hatch Winding Handle Butterfly Type Old Style
1% OFF RRP $12.95
Elixir Lid 14in - New Style White
21% OFF RRP $53.95